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CHAI by Wanclouds is a distro-agnostic, Day 2, SaaS platform for OpenStack Operations that generates on-demand log analysis, provides service assurance, and compliance tracking of deployed environments from a single dashboard. CHAI helps identify services most affected by availability or performance issues in underlying OpenStack infrastructure, enabling reliable service delivery by providing root cause analysis and reducing mean-time-to-repair.

- Improved Operational Efficiency
- Enhanced Critical Incident Management
- Increased Availability
- Reduced Time-to-Market


This module continuously monitors log files to speed up root cause identification and reduce mean-time-to-repair to quickly diagnose issues with any component of your OpenStack in seconds.


Benchmark tests and ensure all your cloud services are running as expected. This module of CHAI helps proactively detects service problems before your end users are impacted.


This module tracks all key variables in your OpenStack deployments. Get alerts for any violations against your stated rules. CHAI provides ongoing pulse check of the various APIs for your deployments. Ensure your cloud is running on a trusted infrastructure.

Critical VM monitoring

This modules provides an option to the cloud operator to choose specific tenants or VMs that are critical and wants to get real-time report in case there is a failure such as a VM failing to get provisioned, or VM going down.



Distribution Agnostic

Supports for multiple distributions and community versions since Juno

Multi OpenStack Projects

Keystone, Nova, Glance, Cinder, Neutron, Heat, Ceilometer and counting

Logstash Integrations

Integrate your Logstash server and CHAI will continually fetch your log files for you. Select a time frame or schedule it on your own.

Integration with ServiceNow and Pager Duty

Built-in integration with ServiceNow for opening up tickets as well as PagerDuty tool for alerts.

Collaborate on Deployments

Share specific deployments with your teammates. Collaborate to jointly setup Assurance tests, SLAs and rules.

24/7 Support

Shepherd provides visibility into all processes ports and modules. Shepherd tracks system trust level


Productivity Gain


Monitoring & Technical Support


Distribution Agnostic

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