System Security

Ensure proper security framework such as SElinux is enabled. Shepherd ensures all security packages are up-to-date on CentOS, RHEL, & Photon

Manage Attack Surface

Shepherd provides visibility into all processes ports and modules. Shepherd tracks system trust level

Security Policies

Create & Deploy security polices to a set of Containers organized per your requirement

Multi-Cloud support

Deploy & Manage your security policies across different public & private clouds from a single control-point

Multi-Cluster Support

Shepherd supports Docker engine, Docker Swarm, and Kubernetes

Integrity & Compliance

Shepherd has integration with Intel CIT and it tracks & records system changes

430Million +

Unique Malware reported in 2015


Zero-Day Vulnerabilities found in 2015


Enterprises consider Security barrier to entry

About Shepherd

Security & Compliance Controller for Containers

Shepherd is a Security policy & Compliance Controller for Containers, deployed in private or public cloud. It supports multiple Linux platforms such as CentOS, REHL, Photon etcetera. In the current version we are supporting SElinux as a security framework. SHEPHERD allows you to create and enforce security policies on set of Containers with a single click. It also allows you to fully guard a cluster where your production applications are running. Once deployed it monitors security policies and enforces/alerts if any violations are found.