Cloud-Nativity: Unleash the Productivity Beast

Imagine a world where your applications never crash and your customers can always reach you. Where your developers are at the top of their game and roll out new features as soon as your customers demand it. In this world, your revenues soar, your customers are happy, and your team is in perfect sync..... Read More

Take Your Weekends Back With Shepherd!

Managing and maintaining Kubernetes can be painful when you deploy it on clusters with tens of hundreds of nodes on multiple clouds. From managing to monitoring to maintaining security policies for your Kubernetes clusters, it can all quickly become a huge overhead and you can end up exhausting your resources just to stay on top of things...... Read More

The Cloud-Native Bandwagon and Why Should You Care

Being cloud-native has become the new mantra for enterprises looking to digitally transform themselves. Cloud adoption is a priority for executives as it poses huge benefits that range from cost-saving to building-at-scale. IDC estimates that cloud spending will see a spike by 2021, reaching a whopping $530 billion mark....... Read More