Configuration Migration and Management

Vyatta vRouter 5400 to vRouter 5600: Vyatta 5400 and Vyatta 5600 are based on fundamentally different operating systems. Hence the configuration commands format and behaviours are significantly different between the two versions. Any customer wanting to migrate from 5400 to 5600 will require a thorough understanding of the differences and knowledge about the changing behaviours.It is a time consuming and very expensive process. Wanclouds invested significant time and resources to develop tooling as part of its automation platform called Netorc, to migrate these configs in seconds and then verify it for any manual edits, provide log of the changes, and also highlight areas where the customer input is required. Typical vyatta 5400 configuration file includes 1000s of command lines. To build an equivalent configuration file for vyatta 5600 could take days and weeks. With our automation tooling and platform, it is now possible to do the conversion in seconds and minutes saving precious time and engg. resources. Wanclouds offers two types of services. These services are based on per device or configuration file.