A visual orchestration tool that allows you to discover, design, deploy and manage network elements for public and private clouds​

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What is NetOrc?

NetOrc is a multi-cloud monitoring, automation, and operational management application that helps you monitor and manage your networking and server infrastructure across multiple clouds with a wide range of multi-vendor & open source device coverage.

NetOrc reduces the pressure on scarce networking and server admins by automating provisioning of configuration, monitoring network firewalls, gateways, linux and windows servers, and streamlining daily operations with timely alerts. 

Auto-discover or add your network firewalls, gateways, devices, servers to have complete visibility of your cloud and non-cloud environments.​

  •           IBM Cloud
  •           AWS Cloud
  •           Microsoft Azure
  •           Google Cloud

Create config templates and configure VPNs across multi-vendor firewalls. The graphical workflows make the creation and connectivity easier. Deploy an agent to manage sites that are not publicly accessible.

Provision Multi-Point & Point-Point VPNs in-between firewalls/gateways within seconds. Deploy configuration templates. ​
Monitor the health of your hybrid cloud infrastructure including network devices and servers. Track your configurations and network policies from a single dashboard. Receive timely alerts.​

Features & Benefits

NetOrc offers a wide range of features that are designed to address the multi-cloud infrastructure management and monitoring challenges.

Device Health Monitoring

Monitor multi-vendor firewalls and network devices to get a holistic picture of your network


Stay on top of your network by getting detailed weekly and monthly reports

VPN Creation

Create P2P, Point-to-Multipoint, Any to Any VPNs across Datacenters, Branches and other Clouds



Set specific rules for your devices and get alerted when a rule is violated

Real-time Alerts

Get instant alerts on Email, Slack, PagerDuty and ServiceNow

Integrations with public cloud

Multi-cloud Integrations

Multiple Cloud integrations including IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS



Monitor your IPSec VPNs and get alerted when a VPN goes down


Configuration Mgmt. & Backup

Manage your device configurations and keep a golden config for disaster recovery

cloud-computing (2)

Linux & Windows Servers

Monitor and Manage your Linux & Windows Servers

Usability at its finest

NetOrc's single-pane-of-glass to monitor and manage your entire network infrastructure across multiple clouds.​


NetOrc is part of our fully managed Migrations as a Service offering and On-Going Service offering. To get started, contact us for free consultation.

As part of our Migrations as a Service offering, we provide monitoring and management of your infrastructure. NetOrc gives you the full picture of your cloud infrastructure by monitoring your devices, VPNs, servers, and more through a neat and intuitive visualization of your infrastructure.

Yes. Although it is part of our Ongoing services to monitor and manage your networking appliances, you can use it as a stand-alone service as well. To get stared, contact sales.

Yes, you can monitor your VPNs and get alerts whenever a VPN goes down. Customize your alerts to watch specific tunnels for specific time durations or use default settings to let NetOrc alert you whenever a service goes down. 

With NetOrc you can customize your instant alerts on Email, Slack, PagerDuty and Service.If you are subscribed for our support, you can create tickets on our Support Portal.