Cloud Migrations

We offer end-to-end cloud migration solutions helping enterprises migrate to public clouds. Our migration offerings include a detailed assessment and discovery of your network, servers, storage and database, creating a migration plan, and executing the plan using our automation suite and expertise. Our flagship solutions automate the migration process from weeks to hours.

  • Assessment & Discovery of the current environment and planning the migration
  • Automated migration to the cloud using our Automation Suite
  • Build a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline
  • Ongoing management to manage your cloud infrastructure (Network, Servers, Containers)
  • Cloud Support and maintenance services for ongoing optimizations
Cloud networking

Cloud Infrastructure

Wanclouds helps you move your infrastructure from on-prem, private cloud to public cloud provider of your choice. We can ‘Lift and Shift’ your infrastructure or rebuild it to become cloud-native by leveraging a containerized microservice-based architecture, deployed on Kubernetes, and powered by the best DevOps practices.

Our expertise and migration tools are designed by keeping in mind the many challenges enterprises face during their cloud migration journey, and so, we provide full lifecycle management of the entire migration journey.

VPC+ is our flagship solution that automates the migration of your cloud infrastructure, reducing the painful process from weeks to hours. Once migrated, VPC+ also gives you a single pane of glass to make any edits to your cloud infrastructure and deploy with a single click.

Database Migration

In addition to creating an optimized infrastructure for your application on a public cloud, we take a holistic approach? to migrations and will help you move your data from an on-prem to a public cloud. Our automated tool can migrate your database from on-prem to a public cloud or between clouds. Your database and all its records will be migrated as-is and behave just like your current environment.

We also offer specialized and customized service for cross-database migrations to help you shift from a certain type of database to a completely new flavor of database.

Managed Services

At Wanclouds, our philosophy is to empower enterprises achieve increased productivity and smooth IT and cloud operations so they can focus on improving their core business making their customers happy. Our managed services are a crucial part of that mission. With these managed services, we help enterprises extend their IT departments and have completely hassle-free maintenance of their cloud networking, servers, containers infrastructure. Our team of cloud experts can manage your entire network and cloud infrastructure or enable you to self-manage using our post-deployment management tools for cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes environments. We use our in-house solutions to bring these managed services to you.

Wanclouds Managed Services

Network Infrastructures

NetOrc, our multi-cloud inter-networking management, monitoring, and automation platform, helps monitor your entire networking infrastructure, including network devices, VPNs, servers, etc., and alerts you whenever something goes wrong. It also generates monthly performance summary reports to keep you informed about your network’s overall performance. Using NetOrc and our networking expertise, we also advise you on how to optimize your network for best performance and maximum uptime.


Kubernetes are a great way to orchestrate and deploy containerized applications and manage them in an optimized way. But what happens when you have tens of hundreds of them running across various private and public clouds? It can get counter-productive in case you don’t manage it effectively. With Shepherd, you get a single pane of glass to manage and monitor all your Kubernetes nodes on private and public clouds. You can also create and deploy security policies and manage their integrity at node levels to stay vigilant.

K2 Deployment scripts

K2 Deployment Scripts are pre-built DevOps automation scripts for creating continuous integration and continuous deployment of your application. The K2 Package and Deployment tool provides the ability to package K2 artifacts, such as SmartObjects, forms, views and workflows, from one environment (the source) into a package file stored locally or on a network drive. This package is then opened in another K2 environment (the target) where some or all of the artifacts in the package are deployed.

Multi-cloud Professional Services

Whether you are seeking to migrate or optimize and speed up your application deployment process across private and public clouds or need custom integrations and solution development, we are ready to help. Leveraging our expertise, we can setup and automate your continuous integration and deploying (CI/CD) processes using tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins, containerize apps. We have years of experience with DevOps and DevSecOps by leveraging automation frameworks and our own developed platform for Kubernetes and OpenShift. We help you prepare & design your network policies to be migration-ready whether you are moving from on-prem to cloud or cloud to cloud. We help with migrating your network configs, firewalls, gateways, VPNs, NAT & security policies, load-balancing and more. Our expert support makes sure your cloud migrations and integrations are carried out flawlessly without any discrepancies in the new environment.

To learn more or see our offerings live in action, send us an email at [email protected]

Multi-cloud profesionals