Optimize IT Spending during the Pandemic: Adopt the cloud and get rid of legacy and unwanted dependencies!

Building on our team’s experience with cloud and migrations and helping 100s of enterprises optimize their infrastructure, Wanclouds is introducing its flagship offering to make multi-cloud migrations simple, easy, and cost-effective. This is achieved through leveraging our Migration & Automation Suite called VPC+.

Wanclouds’ “multi-cloud migrations as a service” offering has the following key differentiators to accelerate your move and ongoing management:

  • Integration with key cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Azure (coming soon)
  • Holistic approach to migrate infrastructure such as network, servers, and storage elements. 
  • Ability to discover and migrate individual elements such as legacy Windows & Linux servers’ content, different flavors of SQL DBs, MongoDB, security policies to VMware VMs to cloud native VMs and storage volumes.
  • Pay for what you migrate eliminating heavy consulting and project management costs
  • Ability to track and manage multi-cloud infrastructure

Given the uncertainties caused by the pandemic, one of our key objectives is to help enterprises optimize their IT infrastructure spend and move away from legacy and high-cost vendor dependent models to the cloud in a speedy and cost effective way.  Our VPC+ Architecture has a native data-model that will let you not only preserve your cloud infrastructure as a template but also allow you to deploy it across multiple regions and clouds.

Get Started

Please visit https://www.wanclouds.net or send an email to [email protected]


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