Take Your Weekends Back With Shepherd!

Managing and maintaining Kubernetes can be painful when you deploy it on clusters with tens of hundreds of nodes on multiple clouds. From managing to monitoring to maintaining security policies for your Kubernetes clusters, it can all quickly become a huge overhead and you can end up exhausting your resources just to stay on top of things.

As your application scales, you have to make sure your DevOps are airtight and your containers are running smoothly in production. You also have to stay on top of the integrity and compliance at the node level and have full visibility across all your containers.

This puts extra pressure on your team and you are never sure when you will be forced to call them up on a weekend and have them fix an issue at some node! This puts your app at risk and your team’s productivity takes a nosedive.

We understand these pain points in grave detail at Wanclouds and have architected the perfect solution for this: a single pane of glass to manage any number of K8s clusters on any number of private or public clouds. WithShepherd by Wancloudsyou can monitor and maintain each K8s cluster at the node level, and manage your attack surface with absolute ease. It also generates alerts if your app’s integrity or security is compromised at any point.

Shepherd helps you manage security policies and gives you visibility across any number of nodes. You can create security policies and apply them on node-level so your apps are never vulnerable and behave exactly how you want them to.

In addition to this, you can maintain the integrity of your host systems on any private, public or bare-metal server.

All of this and much more — from a single pane of glass.

So what are you waiting for? Take Shepherd out for a spin today. It is absolutely free for up to 5 nodes!

Sign Up today and take your weekends back!


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