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VPC+ is your one-stop solution to create, migrate and manage your entire VPC infrastructure on public clouds. It makes it super easy to discover, translate, design, migrate, and provision your environment to your desired public cloud

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End to End migrations

VPC+ lets you migrate your infrastructure or its individual components to and across clouds in a flexible way.

Automate discovery and migration of your network appliances. Additionally, you can leverage pre-built VPC templates for various clouds and provision in seconds.

  • Subnets
  • Security groups
  • ACLs
  • SSH keys
  • VPNs
  • Firewalls
  • Load balancers
  • Public gateways and more

You can migrate your Virtual Machines (VMs) as well as migrate your legacy bare-metal server content to cloud.

  • RHEL
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Windows

We can also help you migrate your VMware VMs into cloud native VMs through our VMware migrator.

Let us help you migrate your secondary or attached storage volumes from on-prem to cloud or across clouds. You can also leverage our specialized migrators to only migrate specific files and folders out of your legacy environment into cloud or across public clouds.

Migrate specific databases to cloud or across clouds and datacenters. Leveraging our automated migrators, you can migrate the following databases: 

  • SQL Databases: Oracle SQL to MS SQL, MySQL to MS SQL or MySQL or to Postgres DB
  • MongoDB to MongoDB
  • Cassandra DB to Cassandra DB

Features & Benefits

Migrate more and spend less time managing your infrastructure with our state of the art of product features.

Integrations with public cloud

Integrations with Public Cloud

Discover, translate, and deploy your VPC infrastructure across Clouds. VPC+ supports Cloud integrations with IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, and AWS. Azure Cloud integration will be available soon


Automatically discover your cloud VPCs, classic infrastructure, databases, content and choose to migrate to public cloud


Auto-translate across classic and cloud infrastructure or across clouds. Also migrate your content across platforms as well as auto-translate across your SQL database flavors


Create & Deploy

Create a template of your existing VPC infrastructure (prefix, subnets, gateways, security policies, load balancing, etc) or leverage pre-built templates for 2-tier or 3-tier applications that can be edited, modified and deployed according to your requirements


Visualize your VPCs across clouds. Understand the relationships of your security group policies, load balancing policies, ACLs, public gateways and have the ability to visually edit, track, and redeploy. Save your VPCs, VMs as templates and edit, redeploy across regions

icon single pane of glass

Single Pane of Glass

Consolidate & Visualize your VPCs across clouds. Keep track of your policies, standardize your policies, and stay insync with the latest state from a single pane of glass.No-Code Deploy!You don’t need experts or domain knowledge to manage your VPCs

VPC+ in action

With an intuitive self-managed workspace, you can add, delete, or edit any component of your cloud environments and manage your VPCs across clouds


Yes, we do offer custom migration options based on your needs. Not every customer’s needs are the same. VPC+ is part of Wanclouds’ more holistic Migrations as a Service offering. If you don’t see your requirements or use cases covered on this page, please contact our sales team by clicking here for free consultation.

Yes, we take security and privacy of customer data very seriously and have taken steps to protect you. While migrating, we don’t read your data and simply orchestrate the migration leveraging your own transport layer or connectivity across your on-prem to cloud or cloud to cloud environments. Our ‘migrators’ only move your data from point A to point B.To read more about how we handle data, please visit our Privacy Policy.
Every migration is different. However, given our holistic approach and leveraging our pre-built integrations, our customers migrate 10x faster, on average, than manual migrations from initial engagement to completion.  You can read our bench-marking report here.
VPC+ is part of our fully managed Migrations as a Service offering and we don’t offer it as a self-service automation tool in every case. We’d love to learn more about your migration challenges and look forward to working with you to overcome them. To get started, contact us for free consultation.

Sure, if you are looking for technology and capabilities to help your enterprise customers migrate from traditional or vendor-locked infrastructure or databases to a more flexible cloud native infrastructure, we would be happy to help and partner with you.

Please contact our partnerships team here.

Yes, you can manage your VPC environment in a self-managed way and in addition to that, we have infrastructure monitoring as a service as well where you just pay for what you manage on a monthly or yearly basis. To learn more, visit our Ongoing Services page for details.