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Multi-Cloud Migrations, Backups, and Optimizations Delivered as a Service

Servers, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, VMware, Data, Network & Security Policies

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Unlock the Full Potential of Cloud Infrastructure with Wanclouds

Experience Seamless Transitions, Robust Disaster Recovery, and Optimal Cost Optimization Solutions

Wanclouds offers comprehensive services covering Multi-Cloud Migrations, Disaster Recovery as a Service, and Cloud Cost Optimization. With expert support and automation, migrate seamlessly across clouds, backup and restore with ease, and optimize costs efficiently. Benefit from simplified processes, reduced migration times, and cost-effective solutions, empowering your digital evolution.

Migrate From On-prem To Cloud Or Across Clouds

Multi-Cloud Migration as a Service

Wanclouds accelerates IT modernization through VPC+, a product combined with cloud expertise and ongoing support. With our Multi-Cloud Migrations & Modernization Service, accelerate and automate your journey to the cloud seamlessly, leveraging powerful cloud discovery, automated migration, and hybrid and cross-cloud resource portability. Benefit from end-to-end enterprise IT modernization, adopting cloud-native frameworks, and migrating legacy environments to the cloud of your choice with our fully automated and seamless solutions.

Our Simplified and Fixed Price Approach offers over 50% savings with per-unit pricing for servers, storage volumes, and Kubernetes clusters.

Our VPC+ enables seamless migration across cloud infrastructures, ensuring smooth data conversion.

Our VPC+ eliminates complexity by using one comprehensive solution, streamlining the migration process and reducing resource needs.

Our VPC+ performs multiple migrations concurrently, reducing duration from weeks to days through seamless automation.

Backup Anywhere, Recover Everywhere

Multi-Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service

Introducing a very simple, cost-effective, and comprehensive approach to backup and disaster recovery leveraging a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy. This is a managed approach, and it doesn't require you to understand complicated scripting languages or be an expert on multiple tools to build your disaster recovery solution in the cloud.More importantly, it eliminates the need for lengthy processes and expensive tools and expertise.The solution fully integrates with AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, and Google Cloud to backup cloud- native(Kubernetes) workloads and restore across regions and clouds.You can backup your cloud resources across regions.In addition, you can set up AWS or IBM Cloud as a backup or DR site for your on - premise VMware environment to a cloud VPC(non - VMware) or backup your on - premise Kubernetes and Red Hat Openshift to AWS and IBM Cloud.

Our VPC+ reduces costs by providing expert support for optimal backup and restore policies, eliminating expensive consultants.

Our VPC+ offers flexible and scalable backup for on-prem and cloud resources, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Our VPC+ implements a pay-per-use model for fully managed offering, pricing per resource for maximum cost efficiency.

Our VPC+ enables fast creation of DR in minutes with a fully managed process, eliminating tool learning hassles.

Transform Your Cloud Spend Into Strategic Value

Track, Monitor, & Optimize your Cloud Costs

As public cloud usage rises, so does cloud spending, with cost management trailing behind. Only 43% of U.S. IT leaders have visibility into cloud costs. Diverse teams using cloud infrastructure for various purposes contribute to spending. Engineering and finance leaders require simple views to track waste. While cloud providers offer optimization recommendations, implementation lacks a closed-loop process. To address this, Wanclouds offers Cloud Optimization as a Service, reducing spending by up to 50%. Utilizing VPC+, Wanclouds provides visibility and cost optimization features.

Our VPC+ offers cost visibility across accounts, highlighting spending areas like virtual machines and storage. Organize resources in VPCs.

Our VPC+ lists and highlights idle resources with associated costs, aiding cloud admins in resource management.

Our VPC+ utilizes Right Sizing techniques to optimize resource usage, reducing unnecessary costs.

Our VPC+ enables turning off/on test/demo VPC environments, reducing charges and environmental impact.

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