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See what Wanclouds can do for AWS Cloud Customers

Wanclouds approach towards Multi-Cloud Migrations, IT Modernization and Business Continuity is a combination of its product called VPC+, its cloud expert team, and ongoing support and services.

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Moving to AWS Cloud VPC could not be simpler.

Migrations can be costly, time-consuming, and an unpredictable experience. Wanclouds has introduced a re-imagined approach to create a simple, accelerated, and cost-effective approach to cloud migrations and DR setup. At the heart of this approach is Wanclouds’ multi cloud automation and orchestration, called VPC+, as well as its cloud expert and support team.

Fully integrated automation suite for migrations, disaster recovery, and cost optimization

A cloud-native team having performed over a thousand migrations across different environments and clouds

Comprehensive coverage and integrations including VMware, SAP, HANA, Linux, Windows, Data, Networking, and Kubernetes/Red Hat Openshift

Fully managed - no need for multiple tools, scripting, or hire expensive consultants

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